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[[Hello everyone! Nominel here.

Froggy-Fran has passed this blog to me, which means more Heavy to arrive.

But having just one person try to keep up a decent rate of answers for a popular character like Heavy is asking for burnout.

Solution: multiple authors! If writing or drawing about sandviches, tiny cowards, and a certain doctor sounds like fun to you, please send an ask to so I can add you as an author.

You might have noticed that the url of this blog has changed to ‘askhoovy’ - unfortunately, it’s the main blog on this account and doesn’t support multiple authors. Curse you, Tumblr! is now home to a new sideblog for that purpose. Don’t forget to reclick that follow button.

Cheers, and let’s fill the internet with this strangely lovable 400lb killer.]]

And this is where I say goodbye, friends

I’ve been dragging you all along for a couple months promising to do some asks, but I’ve lost my motivation for this fandom. My art is not on par with what the fandom expects of me, and I hate myself every time I try to draw Heavy now. I’ve been trying to get back into it, practicing Heavy, but it’s not working.

I’d like to give this blog to someone who will truly use it to it’s full potential. It has over 1100+ followers, and I really don’t want to disappoint you all more than I already have.

You don’t have to be an artist, just someone who can play in character and have fun with it. I know I did!

I made so many friends through this blog, and it hurts me to let it go, but I’m not good enough anymore. It’ll be a nice memory for me.

Anyone who would like the blog, please PM me on my normal account Froggy-Fran.

Thank you for everyone who followed me through it all, and helped me become a better artist and person. I love you all.

wait you're... alive?? Heavy, I was worried the respawn broke!

Life is hard with war all day and keeping team under control afterward. Not get much free time to talk on blog these days. :c

Heyy Babee Youu feelinn sexxy???♥

Are you?

Can I have the recipe for sandvich?

Is secret.

((Olga Mannlova belongs to Sarcasmosaur…That Medic is all mine haha.
Also I’m sorry.))

((Olga Mannlova belongs to Sarcasmosaur…That Medic is all mine haha.

Also I’m sorry.))


Did you ever see the world record sandwich made in Mexico? According to Guinness World Records, it weighed 3,178kg (6,991lbs). Sadly, it had no tomatoes or olive picks, but had ham, cheese, and lettuce. It took eight workers to put on the top slice of bread (custom made for the sandwich). So, how long would it take you to eat this?

If die eating sandvich, die way would have wanted.

How do you feel about the Sandvich nerf?


((I’m so sorry abloo))